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Sephora Spring Sale

It's that time of year - Sephora's Spring Sale is coming

If you're new to Sephora (we all were at some point), you'll want to sign up as a Beauty Insider. You'll start earning points on all your purchases throughout the year, and when you reach certain levels you move to the next tier. There are 3 tiers: Beauty Insider (anyone can join!), then VIB (Very Important Beauty Insider), followed by Rouge. For Sephora sales, each tier has a different discount:

  • Beauty Insider: 10% off (starting April 15/21)

  • VIB: 15% off (starting April 13/21)

  • Rouge: 20% off (starting April 9/21)

This year's sale ends April 19th. As you can see, the more loyal a Sephora customer you are, the more discount you are awarded for their sales - as well as earlier access to shop.

So, to help you when trying to pick some new favourites, check out my Shop My Shelf for the Spring Sale with various categories - clean skincare, clean makeup, haircare, miscellaneous (some picks for acne, aging skin, body etc) and value sets! Please note that Shop My Shelf contains affiliate links, so I may earn a small commission if products are selected. However, I am ONLY including my TOP PICKS (items I will buy again, or have bought multiple of already), that I believe in and enjoy using.

Happy Spring Shopping!


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