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Favourite Overnight Mask


Out of all the products I tried in 2020 when I started my skincare journey, this was one of the first and my absolute favourite. It is a gem. If you don’t want a complicated skincare routine, this mask will help with most skin concerns.

Sizes: 30mL, 80mL

Cost: $29CAD, $59CAD

Good for: Dullness/uneven texture, pores/dryness/oiliness

Properties: Hydrating, smoothing, gentle exfoliation

Skin Types: Normal, dry, combination, oily

Key Ingredients

  • Watermelon extract - hydrates, anti-inflammatory to soothe irritation, nourishes with vitamins

  • Hyaluronic acid - hydrates (holds up to 1000x its weight in moisture)

  • AHA/Glycolic acid - lactic acid from plants + glycolic acid gently exfoliate + hydrate, removing dead surface skin cells for smoother, brighter skin over time

My Honest Review

My favourite skincare ingredient is glycolic acid. Once upon a time I used a Neostrata product called “Glycolic Smoothing Lotion 10%,” which I started using in my teens. It was the only skincare product I used regularly, besides a face cleanser. I applied it every night and would wake up with fresh, renewed skin because of glycolic acid’s gentle exfoliating properties. It kept acne at bay and my skin felt soft. After using this for over 10 years, the company rebranded and reformulated and I lost complete faith in Neostrata. My holy grail product was gone!

With my more recent goal of also only using skincare with "clean" ingredients on my skin (although this definition varies), I decided to try Glow Recipe's Watermelon + AHA Glow Sleeping Mask. I am so glad I did!

The gel-like texture of this mask means that it glides nicely onto your skin. By patting it into the skin until it is absorbed, it becomes very lightweight for a nightly sleeping mask. It comes with a spoon (make sure to use as sticking fingers into a jar encourages bacteria to grow!) to mix the formula as the natural formulation may sometimes need to be re-incorporated.

The scent is lovely, a light, juicy watermelon smell. I have sensitive skin and have not reacted to the scent. It is gentle enough to use nightly (wash off in the am), or you can use a thick layer for 10 minutes and rinse for an instant glow.

As the final step in an evening routine, sometimes, when I’m too tired (or lazy) to do a whole skincare routine, this mask alone seems to hit all the things my skin needs to wake up with fresh skin. It gently exfoliates and refines pores, smooths skin, and hydrates overnight for bright, glowing skin! Favourite. Mask. Ever.

Have you tried this Glow Recipe gem?


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